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(6) Creation of new decentralized organs at the parish, community, ward and neighborhood levels, with a view to guaranteeing the principle of shared responsibility in the public administration of local and state governments, and developing process of self-management and joint management in the administration and control of state and municipal public services.
(7) Participation by communities in activities to establish closer ties with penal institutions and ties between the latter and the general population.

Chapter V

The Federal Council on Government

Article 185: The Federal Council on Government is the organ charged with planning and coordination of policies and actions to develop the process of decentralization and transfer of powers from National Authority to the States and Municipalities. It shall be presided over by the Executive Vice President and shall consist of the Cabinet ministers, the Governors, one Mayor from each State and representative s of organized society, in accordance, with law.

The Federal Council on Government shall have a Secretariat made up of the Executive Vice President, two Ministers, three Governors and three Mayors. The Federal Council on Government shall have a dependency known as the Interterritorial Compensation Fund, intended for the purpose of financing public investments with a view to promoting the balanced development of regions, cooperation and complement among the development policies and initiatives of the various public territorial entities, and in particular supporting the providing of works projects and services in regions and communities with relatively low levels of development. The Federal Council on Government, based on regional unbalances, shall discuss and approve annually the resources to be allocated to the Interterritorial Compensation Fund and the priority investment areas to which these resources are to be applied.