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(18) To approve by law any international treaties or agreements entered into by the National Executive, with the exceptions set forth in the present Constitution.
(19) To enact its own internal regulations and apply such sanctions as may be provided for thereunder.
(20) To pass on the qualifications of its members and take notice of their resignation. The temporarily separation of a deputy from his or her office, shall only be decided by a two thirds vote of those present.
(21) To organize its own internal security service.
(22) To pass and implement its budget of expenditures, taking into account the country's financial limitations.
(23) To implement resolutions concerning its own administrative organization and functioning.
(24) Any others indicated in this Constitution or by law.

Article 188: To be elected to the office of deputy of the National Assembly, a person must:

(1) Be Venezuelan by birth, or by naturalization with 15 years of residence within the territory of Venezuela.
(2) Be over the age of 21 years.
(3) Have resided for four consecutive years in the organ from which he or she is elected, prior to such election.

Article 189: The following shall not be eligible for the office of deputy:

(1) The President of the Republic, the Executive Vice -President Ministers, the Secretary of the Office of the President of the Republic and the Chairpersons and Directors of Autonomous Institutes and State owned enterprises, until three months after leaving such offices.
(2) Governors and government secretaries of the States or the Capital District, until three months after permanently leaving such offices.