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56     No. 18596
Staatskoerant, 15 Januarie 1998

Act No. 1, 1998 Constitution of the Western Cape, 1997


sufficient food and water; and


social security, including appropriate social assistance for people who are unable to support themselves and their dependants;


an environment in which all children—


are given opportunities and facilities to develop in a healthy manner and in conditions of freedom and dignity;


are protected against exploitation, neglect, abuse and abandonment; and


receive basic education under a system of their parents’ choice;


the development of rural communities and the promotion of the welfare of rural workers;


a system of taxation which is fair, transparent and accommodates the capacity of people to pay;


an environment in which all frail and elderly persons—


have access to family care or appropriate alternative care when removed from the family environment;


are given basic nutrition, shelter, basic health care services, and social services; and


are protected from maltreatment, neglect, abuse, degradation or involuntary seclusion;


the protection of the environment in the Western Cape, including its unique fauna and flora, for the benefit of present and future generations; and


the protection and conservation of the natural historical, cultural historical, archaeological and architectural heritage of the Western Cape for the benefit of the present and future generations;


the promotional development and enhancement of the youth.

Status of directive principles of provincial policy


The directive principles of provincial policy contained in this Chapter are not legally enforceable, but guide the Western Cape government in making and applying laws.

Chapter 11

General Provisions

Transitional arrangements


Schedule 3 applies to the transition to the new constitutional order in the Western Cape

established by this Constitution, and to matters incidental to that transition.

Short title and commencement



This Act is called the Constitution of the Western Cape, 1997, and comes into effect as soon as possible on a date set by the Premier by proclamation in the official gazette of the Province, which may not be later than 1 July 1998.


The Premier may set different dates before the date mentioned in subsection (1) in respect of different provisions of this Constitution, provided that sections 57, 58, 59(1), 60, 61, 63 and 64 come into effect on 1 January 1998.