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NO. 27 OF 2003

(8) Where a supplier fails to comply with an undertaking under subsection (3)(c), the specified body may publicise the voluntary compliance agreement in accordance with the undertaking and recover the costs and expenses so incurred from the supplier as a civil debt due to the specified body.

(9) Unless otherwise provided in the voluntary compliance agreement, recovery of compensation or reimbursement (as the case may be) under a voluntary compliance agreement or under subsection (6), (7) or (8) shall bar all further actions to recover any loss, damage, costs or expenses to which the undertaking so enforced relates.

(10) The Minister may, by notification in the Gazette, appoint any person or body as a specified body for the purposes of this Act.

Declaration or injunction

9.—(1) Where a supplier has engaged, is engaging or is likely to engage in an unfair practice, the District Court or High Court may, on the application of a specified body—

(a) make a declaration that the practice engaged in or about to be engaged in by the supplier is an unfair practice;
(b) grant an injunction restraining the supplier from engaging in the unfair practice; and
(c) if the Court grants relief under paragraph (a) or (b), make a further order requiring the supplier to advertise to the public in a manner that will ensure prompt and reasonable communication to consumers, on any terms or conditions the Court considers reasonable and just, particulars of any declaration or injunction granted against the supplier under paragraph (a) or (b).

(2) Where an application is made to the District Court or High Court for the grant of a declaration or an injunction under subsection (1), the power of the Court to grant the declaration or injunction may be exercised—

(a) if the Court is satisfied that the supplier has engaged in the unfair practice, whether or not it appears to the Court that the supplier intends to engage again, or to continue to engage, in the unfair practice; or