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NO. 27 OF 2003

express warranty is admissible in any action relating to a consumer transaction between a consumer and a supplier even though it adds to, varies or contradicts a written contract.

(2) Subsection (1) shall not be applicable to establish the existence of any express warranty in respect of goods or services intended for business use.

Interpretation of documents

18. If a consumer and a supplier enter into a consumer transaction and—

(a) all or any part of the transaction or contract is evidenced by a document provided by the supplier; and
(b) a provision of the document is ambiguous,

the provision must be interpreted against the supplier.

Amendment of Schedules

19. The Minister may, by order published in the Gazette, amend the Schedules.


20.—(1) The Minister may make such regulations as may be necessary or expedient for the purposes of this Act.

(2) Without prejudice to the generality of subsection (1), the Minister may make regulations—

(a) exempting any class of supplier or any class of goods or services or transactions from the application of this Act or any provision of this Act, and imposing conditions for that exemption;
(b) modifying the application of any provision of this Act to any class of supplier or any class of goods or services or transactions;
(c) controlling or prohibiting any practice in relation to any consumer transaction;
(d) prescribing information or notices that must be provided to consumers by suppliers with respect to any consumer transaction;