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226               University of Bombay, 

official dealings are so cordial that they will understand that I appeal to them as a friend, when I urge them to give the best education in their power to their sons and daughters. Some of them are setting a bright example. The highest representatives of Indian nobility should not rely on the privileges of birth alone. First among their countrymen they should also be first among them in the pursuit of knowledge. Their duties are manifold,and they cannot be discharged properly unless they themselves rise to the highest level- To my friend H. H. the Thakore Saheb of Bhavnagar, G.C.S.I., great credit is due for the foundation of the Samaldas College. Other Chiefs have sent or are intending to send their sons to England, and if the higher education of their sons is the main object, and is steadily kept in view, the risks they run from many causes during their sojourn in Europe may be overcome. But in too many cases the education at the English Universities is out of their reach,and then the Chiefs should utilise the opportunities which are near at hand. If a separate College with a full University course is needed for the aristocracy they should take steps to start one. I confess that I am partial to the Scottish system, which does not admit of dividing lines in Educational institutions which are not the natural result of brain power, and I think that all aristocracies are the better for a common struggle with those whose studies must be taken up in good earnest. In India the peculiar condition of society may require separation, but nothing can possibly be said in favour of an uneducated class of rulers.

    Indian Universities have not only to keep up a high in- 

tellectual ideal, they have also to give to the country men of character, men with backbone, who are incapable of deviating from the paths of rectitude. The final aim of all Universities is to get as near the truth as they can. Access to truth is only open to those who are themselves absolutely truthful, impartial, and fearless of consequences. Rational in thought, they are rational in speech. Universities aim above all things at sobriety of thought and speech.

With Bpictetus Universities teach, " From righteous acts let nought thy mind dissuade,

 Of vulgar censures be thou ne'er afraid ; 
 Pursue the task which justice doth decree ; 
 E'en tho' the crowd think different from thee." 

The highest compliment ever paid in a language which is happily chary of compliments is : You are a gentleman." And