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University of Bomhay.

year. The old system was too much a tacit recognition of the idea that while for a course in Arts, Engineering or Medicine, regular and systematic teaching was necessary, for the attainment of proficiency in Law the mere keeping of terms, supplemented mainly by private reading, was a sufficient discipline. The new curriculum which has passed the Senate has sought to repudiate this idea, and to make the work of the Law School a reality by placing under the instruction of its Professors a body of young men who shall be bonâ fide students of legal science. But it has become obvious to all who have given attention to the subject that the reconstruction of the means of teaching is as necessary as the turning of nominal into real students. For this purpose a Professoriate which shall have time to devote to the training of these students is indispensable, a Law College which shall be a centre of academic life to the body of its students, as the Colleges in the other faculties are to theirs. One can understand, perhaps, why any apparent extension of the average period of study is regarded in some quarters with apprehension, if it is looked upon as only introducing a time-qualification, but if the re-arrangement of the studies of our students of law means their introduction to a course of instruction under Professors who will be in a position to discharge towards them the duties of a full Professoriate, I should expect to find the change hailed with enthusiasm by all who are worthy of the name of students, and who have any ambition to attain to scientific knowledge in their chosen study. It is not my special function, as it was that of my distinguished predecessor in this office, to speak as the representative of the learned profession, but I should fail of my duty to the University and its students if I did not place in the forefront of our academic wants the need of which I have spoken. We are justly proud of the eminent lawyers who have been reared in this University. As a University we welcome to the high position to which he has been raised the Honourable Mr. Justice Telang, a brilliant example of what our Indian countrymen are able to achieve in the field of law, and recognising the special aptitudes which have been displayed by the students and graduates of this University in this department of academic study, we may well predict a time of high achievement for those who will be privileged to enjoy the fuller opportunities which I trust a not distant future has in store for them.

The year that now closes has witnessed some new beginnings Some new beginnings. to which I desire to call your attention, gentlemen, because they will require your watchful and fostering care. The University School Final Examina-