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University of Madras.

slay them outright, or they will never cease troubling you; yield to them but a foot and you wound and grieve the Truth. But I cannot describe all the champions of Error, they stand opposed, you can see them well, Custom, Influence, Profit and a host less known, all range themselves on Error's side.

But Truth calls on you to join her followers and to take up arms in company with Sobriety of Thought, Adherents of Truth. Carefulness of Investigation, Simplicity, Humility, Docility and Virtue, to show your loyalty and love for her. She claims your affection, as well as your arms; she must be mistress of the heart, as well as of the hand. If there be not love towards her in the heart, you but insult her when you take up her colours, and your wages shall be her scorn.

But if valour and loyalty for the Truth are the first of the knightly virtues, assuredly they are not all. Courtesy. I remind you that the next of them is Courtesy. If combat must be—if Truth's good name and Truth's wide sway can only be maintained by constant fighting, still towards even your bitterest foe, you must not forget that courtesy is demanded of one of your degree; you cannot descend into menials' hall and join in the squabbles of the retainers. With dignity and courtesy you must lead your own, choosing only to answer to the challenge of knights; and though you deal hard blows, you must neither trample on a wounded foe, nor forget the respect which is due to a worthy opponent. But out of the battle-field or of the tournament, to all you must exercise chivalrous courtesy, bearing yourselves as true knights with deference to your elders, with respect to your equals, with good-will and kindness towards the younger. And the courtesy of the true knight called forth his valour not only for his mistress, but to aid any who were in danger. So must it be yours, though Truth be your mistress, to step forward and save from harm, when any of the fair are in danger in your presence.

You must never shrink from breaking a lance in behalf of Patience, Other Virtues. and Temperance and Charity, and Purity, Philanthropy. If these be wounded or injured before your eyes, much more if their trust be from yourselves. Truth will be shamed, for you will lack the courtesy of her knights.

But there is also required of the true bachelor, Munificence. that he should show munificence. This virtue you are called upon to exercise. With knowledge as your weapon, you will spoil many foes; yet your gains must not be