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University of Madras.

To you. Native Christians, who have broken with many of the religious ideals of your forefathers, be filled with the enthusiasm of humanity, and in keeping the letter forget not the spirit of your most catholic faith.

And to you, Europeans and Eurasians who claim the privileges of your fathers, be true to their best characteristics, and show by your actions that like them you believe that "all true work is sacred; that in all true work, were it but true hand-labour, there is something of divineness."

To one and all, I say, cultivate each heaven-given faculty, remembering too that the body cannot be divorced from the mind, that in the perfect man the body must be perfected as well as the soul, that the body should be not merely the setting of the soul but the expression of it. And above all, be just, be merciful, and humbly but with firm and onward-pressing foot pursue the highest, the noblest, the purest ideals that have risen or may yet arise upon your souls.