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The princely benefactions of the citizens of Bombay deserve the highest commendation and may probably, if widely known in this Presidency, create a similar spirit among the wealthy of my countrymen.

I have had to omit three addresses of the Madras University, those delivered in 1858, 1865 and 1867, the first and the last as I could not secure copies of them, and the second agreeably to the resolution of the Senate that the publication of it was not in keeping with the general policy of the University in such matters.

To facilitate reference, I have given marginal headings and an index to each of the parts.

I regret sanction was not given to me to publish the Addresses of the Chancellors and the Vice-Chancellors of the Calcutta University.

In conclusion, I beg to tender my thanks to the Registrars of the Madras and Bombay Universities for the permission they accorded to me, to Messrs. S. R. Bhandarkar, Assistant Registrar of the Bombay University, and Dinshaw Eduljee Wacha, of Bombay, for the aid they rendered me in procuring copies of the Bombay addresses, and to Mr. K. Natarajan, B.A., for revising with me the proofs.

100, Mount Road.

K. S.