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nuals, pamphlets, leaflets and literary contributions to periodicals, as also dramatic compositions, lec- tures and maps, including also the preliminary re- ports of court decisions, — may be subscribed for at a price of $1 per year. Part II, appearing monthly, covers periodicals, with an annual index, at fifty cents per year. Part III, appearing monthly, covers music, with an annual index, at $1 per year. Part IV, ap- pearing monthly, covers works of art, reproductions of a work of art, drawings or plastic works of a scien- tific character, photographs and prints and pictorial illustrations, with an annual index, at fifty cents per year. The subscription price for the entire catalogue is $3 per year. Subscriptions should be sent direct to the Superintendent of Documents, Washington, D. C, with money orders or drafts in his name (stamps and uncertified checks not accepted), and should not be sent to the Librarian of Congress or to the Copyright Office.

The Library of Congress prints for all such books as Entry cards are selected from the copyright deposits for use in the Library, on the decision of the Commission appointed by the Librarian, a catalogue card which forms part of the library card catalogue system, and which can be had by public libraries and by private purchasers at the price of two cents a card. This card is used for the catalogues of the Library of Congress and for the catalogues of depository libraries throughout the country, but is not furnished in exchange by the Smithsonian Institution to foreign institutions. The catalogue cards for " books" in Group 2, representing considerably more than twice as many registrations as Group I, as well as the index cards for all articles com- prised in the remaining classes of copyright deposits, are prepared in the Copyright Office, and are not furnished to other libraries or to the public.