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applied copyright fees for each calendar month, together with a statement of all remittances received, trust funds on hand, moneys refunded, and unap- plied balances.

" (Sec. 50.) That the register of copyrights shall Bond give bond to the United States in the sum of twenty thousand dollars, in form to be approved by the Solic- itor of the Treasury and with sureties satisfactory to the Secretary of the Treasury, for the faithful dis- charge of his duties.

"(Sec. 51.) That the register of copyrights shall Annual make an annual report to the Librarian of Congress, '^port to be printed in the annual report on the Library of Congress, of all copyright business for the previous fiscal year, including the number and kind of works which have been deposited in the copyright office during the fiscal year, under the provisions of this Act,

"(Sec. 52.) That the seal provided under the Act Seal of July eighth, eighteen hundred and seventy, and at present used in the copyright office, shall continue to be the seal thereof, and by it all papers issued from the copyright office requiring authentication shall be authenticated.

" (Sec. 53.) That, subject to the approval of the Rules Librarian of Congress, the register of copyrights shall be authorized to make rules and regulations for the registration of claims to copyright as provided by this Act.

" (Sec. 54.) That the register of copyrights shall Record provide and keep such record books in the copyright ^°°^^ office as are required to carry out the provisions of this Act, and whenever deposit has been made in the copyright office of a copy of any work under the pro- visions of this Act he shall make entry thereof.

" (Sec. 55.) That in the case of each entry the per- Certificate