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prima facie evidence of the facts stated therein as regards any copyright registration.

"(Sec. 57.) That the said printed current cata- Distribution logues as they are issued shall be promptly distrib- ^^^ sub- uted by the copyright office to the collectors of ^'"P**""^ customs of the United States and to the postmasters of all exchange offices of receipt of foreign mails, in accordance with revised lists of such collectors of customs and postmasters prepared by the Secretary of the Treasury and the Postmaster-General, and they shall also be furnished to all parties desiring them at a price to be determined by the register of copyrights, not exceeding five dollars per annum for the complete catalogue of copyright entries and not exceeding one dollar per annum for the catalogues issued during the year for any one class of subjects. The consolidated catalogues and indexes shall also be supplied to all persons ordering them at such prices as may be determined to be reasonable, and all sub- scriptions for the catalogues shall be received by the Superintendent of Public Documents, who shall for- ward the said publications; and the moneys thus re- ceived shall be paid into the Treasury of the United States and accounted for under such laws and Treas- ury regulations as shall be in force at the time.

" (Sec. 58.) That the record books of the copy- Records right office, together with the indexes to such record open to in- books, and all works deposited and retained in the copying* "° copyright office, shall be open to public inspection; and copies may be taken of the copyright entries actually made in such record books, subject to such safeguards and regulations as shall be prescribed by the register of copyrights and approved by the Li- brarian of Congress.

"(Sec. 59.) That of the articles deposited in the Preservation copyright office under the provisions of the copyright <>* deposits