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Application of Act to British dominions

of July nineteen hundred and ten, taken any action whereby he has incurred any expenditure or liability in connexion with the reproduction or performance of any work in a manner which at the time was law- ful, or for the purpose of or with a view to the repro- duction or performance of a work at a time when such reproduction or performance would, but for the passing of this Act, have been lawful, nothing in this section shall diminish or prejudice any rights or in- terest arising from or in connexion with such action which are subsisting and valuable at the said date, unless the person who by virtue of this section becomes entitled to restrain such reproduction or performance agrees to pay such compensation as, failing agreement, may be determined by arbitra- tion.

(2) For the purposes of this section, the expression "author" includes the legal personal representatives of a deceased author.

(3) Subject to the provisions of section nineteen sub- sections (7) and (8) and of section thirty-three of this Act, copyright shall not subsist in any work made before the commencement of this Act, otherwise than under, and in accordance with, the provisions of this section.

Application to British Possessions.

25. — (i) This Act, except such of the provisions thereof as are expressly restricted to the United Kingdom, shall extend throughout His Majesty's dominions: Provided that it shall not extend to a self-governing dominion, un- less declared by the Legislature of that dominion to be in force therein either without any modifications or additions, or with such modifications and additions relating exclu- sively to procedure and remedies, or necessary to adapt this Act to the circumstances of the dominion, as may be en- acted by such Legislature.

(2) If the Secretary of State certifies by notice published in the London Gazette that any self-governine: dominion has passed legislation under which works, the authors