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You are a capital girl,’ said Lazarus, ‘and I will not forget what you have done. The Ems water was no loss to cry over, as the demand for it is slack. I am grateful, and to show you my gratitude I will give sound advice.’

‘Advice!’ echoed Joanna contemptuously. ‘That costs nothing. Take mine, and get into your clothes.’

‘To be sure I will,’ said the Jew. ‘Whilst I am getting on my garments, do you, Joanna, see that the back-yard is clear, and bolt and bar the door. I’ll provide that the sink window is fastened up to-morrow. Every downstair window but that has iron bars. That, I suppose, was neglected because it looked into the yard. How did they get the window open?’

‘Go to your room and get on your clothes, and I’ll find out.’

‘To be sure. I am shivery, and might catch cold, and be forced to send for a doctor. Look here, Joanna; after this affair there will be no more sleep to-night for either of us, so I will allow you to light the fire. We will sit up and talk matters over till daybreak.’ Then he retired to his room, taking the candle with him, and locking his door behind him.

Joanna took the lantern. She examined the window that had been entered. The burglars had affixed a diachylum heart-plaster to a pane of glass, and cut the pane out. By this means it had been removed noiselessly, and was laid outside against the wall, unbroken. She found the door in the yard open, as she expected. The burglars had come in over the wall, but had escaped by means of the door.

She made all the doors fast, and put a tray before the paneless window to exclude the cold. Then she lighted a cheerful fire in the stove. By this time Lazarus was clothed and came out of his room.

‘I think,’ said he, ‘as there is a good fire, we might get the Persian carpet down from the roof and dry it. Always kill two birds with one stone, if they will stand for it.’

Assisted by the Jew, the carpet was brought down and hung on a horse in the kitchen.