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XXVII. Revolt 191
XXVIII. A Playbill 199
XXIX. Two Stage Boxes 205
XXX. Palma 213
XXXI. A Spoke in the Wheel 219
XXXII. A Drop of Comfort 226
XXXIII. Broken off 234
XXXIV. Incurables 239
XXXV. A Card Castle 247
XXXVI. The Council of Court Royal 256
XXXVII. A Sister of Mercy 262
XXXVIII. Reformation 269
XXXIX. Over a Snail 276
XL. Cheek Senior 283
XLI. An Entanglement 291
XLII. Nibbling 297
XLIII. 'Shares?' 302
XLIV. A Startling Proposal 309
XLV. Retribution 316
XLVI. E Tenebris Lux 323
XLVII. Leigh 331
XLVIII. The Fall of a Pillar 337
XLIX. An April Fool 345
L. To the Rescue 352
LI. The Flying-fish 359
LII. On the Pier 368
LIII. Another Disappointment 375
LIV. A New Leaf 380
LV. In Vain 384
LVI. Preparatory 391
LVII. Release 393
LVIII. The Last of the Ems Water 400
LIX. Without a Watch-dog 406
LX. Two Pictures 414