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CHEAPER ILLUSTRATED EDITION COMPLETE WORKS OF W. M. THACKERAY. In 26 Volumes, crown 8vo. price ^s. bd. each. Sets in cloth, i,t,. us. : or handsomely bound in half-morocco, £8. Bs. Containi>ig nearly all the small Woodcut Illustrations of the former Editions, And manv New Illustrations by Eminent Artists. THIS EDITION CONTAINS ALTOGETHER 1,773 ILLUSTRATIONS BY The Author. Luke Kildes, A.R.A. Mrs. HuTLER (Miss Kliza- bcth Thompson). George du Maurier. Richard Doyle. Frkuk. Walker, A.R.A. George Cri/ikshank. John Leech. Frank Dicksee. Linlev Sambourne. K. Barnard. E. J. Wheeler. K. A. Eraser. Charles Kbenb. R. B. Wallace. J. P. Atkinson. V. J. Webb. T. R. Macquoid. M. Fitzgerald. W. Ralston. John Collier, h. furniss. G. G. KiLBURNE, &C. VANITY FAIR. Illustrated by the Author. 2 vols. PENDENNIS. Illustrated by the Author. 2 vols. THE NEWCOMES. Illustrated by Richard Doyle. 2 vols. ESMOND. Illustrated by George du Maurier. THE VIRGINIANS. Illustrated by the Author. 2 vols. THE ADVENTURES OF PHILIP. Illustrated by the Author, Frederick Walker. mu R. V,. Wallace. 2 vols. THE GREAT HOGGARTY DIAMOND ; A LITTLE DINNER ■Vr TIMMINS'.S: CORNllILL TO CAIRO. Illustrated by the Author, J. P. .■tkinso.n, am! W. J. Webb. CHRISTMAS BOOKS. Illustrated bytheAuthorand Richard Doyle. THE BOOK OF SNOBS; TRAVELS AND SKETCHES. Illustrated by the Author. BURLESQUES. Illustrated bytheAuthorand George Cruikshank. PARIS SKETCH BOOK, LITTLE TRAVELS, and ROADSIDE SK.ETCHE.S. Illustrated by the Author, T. R. Macquoid, and J. P. Atkinson. THE YELLOWPLUSH PAPERS ; THE FITZBOODLE PAPERS: COXS DIARY; CHARACTER SKETCHES. Illustrated by the Author and Geok<;e CRriKsiLwic. THE IRISH SKETCH BOOK; CRITICAL REVIEWS. Illus- trated by the Author, George Cruikshank, John Leech, and M. Fitzgerald. THE MEMOIRS OF BARRY LYNDON ; THE FATAL BOOTS. Illustrated by J. E. MiLLAis, R.A.. George Cruikshank, and W. Ralston. CATHERINE: a Stor>' ; MEN'S WIVES; THE BEDFORD ROW CONSPIRACY. Illustrated by Author, L. Fii.des, A.R.A., and R. B. Wallace. BALLADS : THE ROSE AND THE RING. Illustrated by the Author, Mrs. (Miss Elizabeth Thompson), George do .Maurier, John Collikr, H. Fi'RNiss, G. G. KiLii'RNP, M. Fitzgerald, and J. P. Atkinson. ROUNDABOUT PAPERS. To which is added THE SECOND FUNERAL OF NAPOLEON. Illustrated by the Author, Charles Keene, and M. Fitzgerald. THE FOUR GEORGES, and THE ENGLISH HUMOUR- ISTS of THE EIC.H IKKNTH CKNI'URV. lllnstraied by tlu: Author, Frank Du Ksi-E, LiNi.KV .Samikiurne, Fredeuick Walker, .ind F. Bar.nard. LOVEL THE WIDOWER ; THE WOLVES AND THE LAMB; DENIS DUVAL. To which is added an Essay on the Writings of W. M. Thackerav by Leslie Stei'HI'N. Illustrated by the Author and Frederick Walker. MISCELLANEOUS ESSAYS, SKETCHES AND REVIEWS. With Illustrations by the Author. CONTRIBUTIONS TO 'PUNCH.' 132 Illustrations by Author. London : SMITH, ELDER, & CO., 15 Waterloo Place.