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ILLUSTRATED EDITION OF THE LIFE AND WORKS OF CHAEOTTE BRONTE (CURRER BELL), and hkr sisters EMILY and ANNE BRONTJE (ELLIS AND ACTON BELL). i. In Seven Volumes, large crown 8vo. handsomely bound in cloth, price 5^. per volume. The descriptions in 'Jane Eyre' and the other fictions by Charlotte Bronte and her Sisters being mostly of actual places, the Publishers considered that Views are the most suitable Illustrations for the novels. They are indebted for a clue to the real names of the most interesting scenes to a friend of the Bronte family, who enabled the artist, Mr. G. M. Wimperis, to identify the places described. He made faithful sketches of them on the spot, and drew them on wood. It is hoped that these views will add fresh interest to the reading of the stories. JAXE EVRE. By Charlotte Brontk. With Five Illustrations. SHIRLEY. By Charlotte Bronte. With Five Illustrations. VILLEITE. By Charlotte BrontB. With Five Illustrations. THE PROFESSOR AND POEMS. By Charlotte BrontE. With Poems by her Sisters aiid Father. With Five Illustrations. WUTHERING HEIGHTS. By E.mily BrontB. And AGNES GREY. By Annb BrontB. With a Preface and Biographical Notice of both Authors by Charlotte Bronte. With Five Illustrations. The TENANT of WILDFELL HALL. By Anne BrontB. With Five Illustrations. LIFE OF CHARLOTTE BRONTE. By Mrs. Gaskell. With Seven Illustrations. •«• The volumes are also to be had infcp. &vo. limp cloth, price ai. f>d. each. UNIFORM EDITION OF MRS. GASKELL'S NOVELS AND TALES. In Seven Volumes, each containing Four Illustrations. Fri£4 31. 6d. each, bound in cloth ; or in Sets of Seven Volumes, handsofnely bound in half-morocco, price £,1. os. CONTENTS OF THE VOLUMES; Vol. I. WIVES AND DAUGHTERS. Vol. II. NORTH AND SOUTH. Vol. III. SYLVIA'S LOVERS. Vol. IV. GRAN FORD. Company Manners — The' Well of Pen-Morpha — The Heart of John Middleton — Traits and .Stories of the Huguenots— Six Weeks at Hcppenheim — The Squire's Story — Libbie Marsh's Three Eras— Curious if True— The Moorland Cottage — The Sexton's Hero — Disapfjearances — Right at last — The Manchester Marriage — Lois the Witch — The Crooked Branch. Vol. V. MARY BARTON. Cousin Phillis — My French Master— The Old Nurse's Story — Bessy's Troubles at Home — Christmas Storms and Sunshine. Vol. VI. RUTH. The Grey Woman— Morton Hall— Mr. Harrison's Confessions — Hand and Heart. Vol. VII. LIZZIE LEIGH. A Dark Night's Work— Round the Sofa— My I^idy Ludlow— An Accursed Race- The r) of the Griffiths— Half a Lifetime Ago— The Poor Clare— The Half- Brothers. Th* Volumes are also to be had infcp. %vo. limp cloth, price is. i>d. each. London: SMITH, ELDER, & CO., 15 WaterJoc Place.