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CHEAP EDITIONS OF POPULAH W( Fcaii. Hco, limp riolli, J.^. 6i(. cci./i. Jane Kjre. By Charlottk Bronte.

    • lllrlp>. By Cli.Md.OTTK BnoNTE.

VllliMlo. Hy CiiAiii.orTK Hrontk. Duilii-rliiK llelifhls. By Eiiily Biionte. AfrnoM Ueey. By anse Uronte. I'rt'facr nnd Memoir of tliu Siitero, by t'HAR- I.OTTF tKONTE. Thp T»ii.,ii(,or IVildfell Hull. By Anne Bhumi;. Thp ProfeNaor. Ify ('ha'.ii,otte Urostj!. To whlcli are added, Thi rutins of C'HAH- UmTE, EuiLY, and ANNV, BiloNTr TbP L<lfi' or Charlotte Broii'o. By Hra. Gassell lope. Kriiinley PnrsoniiK*'. liyANniosv Tr«l- Tbp Mtriall llfiudo at Ailliiirtoii. By ANTh v T tO..LOPB. The flat i-r.iiKH. By Anthosv Trollope. IttiDiola. Hv(;k(>mok Eliot. W>lvla'» lyOVITN. Hy Mrs. GAL.KEI.L. WIvTH aiKl ItuiiKhtorM i an Everj'-day Sfiry. Hv Mrs. liASKELL. .<>i'ih mid S«4U(h. By Mrs. Gaskell. Kulh, and '^'her TaleH. By Mrs. UAhKELL. Sfai'j- B) on, and Other Tale«. By Mrs. Oaskel [kell. IJ7.zli- relirh, and Other Tales. By Mm. Oah- i> ..IIIIO. By WlI.KIE COLLINS. .%rniiiaal<> By Wilkie Collins. AfttT Uurk. 3y W^LKlE COLLIN>. T»ie Uox»' Oiirden. By the Author of " Un- ttwireu." M<'ii, Woincii, Huil lloob Hint. Ilif Aiil»liloKrai>h> <>r .' ' KdlU'd hy hln KMust Bon. The Tomi: Its Mi-nnraHe ■ • Kvontn. By LEIiiii HirNr Iniafrlnntlnn niul raiiv.t. ,i Mil iiiifl lliiiiioiir M<>l<>i'tf^ Knxll^li INx-ts. By Leic.ii m <^ i j A Jar or Honey froin m<».

By LKKiii Hlnt. ,

Table Talk. By Leiuh He t ' AiiloltloKriiiih) of LiitnilAii. K. B. f.ASTWK K, C.B. Below the niirfaoe. B S. , , TranNrorinallon. By N.Vrii Ue);rlir<Mik : a Tale uf «'oi(. , Habrikt MARTINEAV. HoiiMehiklil Kdiivallon. . Martinkai;. Thaekera.v'M liecturei. oii ! Huniourl»t«. The Four 4;enrKeiit. B. >> ■ Haul the Pope and P< n By T A. TH .LLiifE. ChronleleM of l>iiMt}|H>r< : > Indian l,iic. by i*.ucb' > i. Tales," Ac. Ill the Silver .%Ke. By }< < :: traiiford, and Other Talc . Carila. Hy Mrs, Olipham . WItblu the Preclncla. " .... Fcip. 800, picture boards, 2x. ench Sio KiMue. Uy WiLKiE Collins. Ar..-.r'«»|^. By VILKIE COLLINS. Aftt.- »»a a. Hy Wilkie coll;xs. m.:;iil 'I') -Owl. ByliOLME l.KE. Aiiult) ^Vurlelgh's Fortunes*. By Holme LiEE The Vfoi lebnuk Diary. By Holme Lbe. Warn ami tVoof. By Wolme Lee. AgniiiHt VVJjia and Tide, by Holmr 1,«e. Mylian lloiiH UauKhter. HyUoLMELKE. Kulhte UruiHlei a UiaUiry o» u Quiet tJe By »(OLMr: Lke. Th.' U.vtiitiriil MIhh BarrlnKton. liv H(>l.m:; Lee. The Hotel at P«lll Mt.-Jeau. A Oa con story. Vera. By the Author of "The Hotel du I'etlt .St,...I.-,ii,." Ill that stale of Mfe. By Hamiltcv aide. .'nornU and Myiiterleiii. By Hamilton Am.: •Moll- '-awn. By the Author of "Phyllis."

  • « »e« Tbiiiff. By W. E. NoRBls.

Hain >w iiolil !lv D.CiinisTiE Murray. Hero! •■'■iluiiH and Aiiec-doIeH of the II) C«>np, and the CluDs. By Uapialn Gho HeNl4->- ■ .•! tn. Bj Kath. 8. MAc<iUolD. AtcneH n u,-r<iiio. By Mr*. II. ». Stowe. TMle!. .j.aiit IjMviii > By tut AnV or of "Dr Antonio," uiid"L"rei o Mencvl." •<;r«'eB Ple> «ur<> mii Utf f til ft. By Liii' A .thi.r I •• Mmly Mawii." etc. Hoinaiilii- TalcK. By the AutJ w of "John Halli <x, 'icnutniuo.' Boiiie'.t le NtorleM. Uy the Author of " John liiilil.n. Gfii».;«ni»ii." I*!* .MonlhM Hence. By the Acthor of " Be- hli.fl th.! Veil." e'c. The Niory of the Pl«blactte. By Km K.MANN.CHATRIAM. Ur.iN|i your Nellie. By E. I.ynn Linto.n MM.

  • Un<«Mni«yne. By the Author '

«»ul)rlel Oeiiver. ByOLiVri ; Country (»torlect. By II'L ' of " bylvun Holt's Daugj <v. ' Take litre Whom Vou T ■" T(pN Keaiie. i 1 Kalherlne'M Trial. Hvnij,;,; Pearl and Kiiierald: u Vti By K. K. t iiANili.i.oN. Mr. Wynyard'M t%'a(-d. i) n By the ."^ea. Hy Katiielt e •. Ba.sll liodfrey'a Cav-' — !.EE Mr. and .Mrx. Fnu.. Hamilton aide. iHeulte. By the Author <>; Hot/>l rill f'ftit Bt.Jean." Penruddoeke. BvHamiv ■Irlirndler I'rede'rio- iho ruin t..xili: By .MW. KunvM • <>arden of Women. My ilk>'al.~lni(iuy. B> W. K. ITOH '!>*bji!lM. Iiy the Aiilh-jrot •'.' RladeiiiolMetle lie Me»ino. >illlKI.S. •MrH, UcolTrCT. By thi Ai>th< lliiWf." Ben tlllner'N Wooing 'V*

  • Alry K'lii} lylllan. hf M<

••>I'.|li Bii>,ii." For i*ei-rl>al. By MAR' ^aui " .Vlelialali. By the Autlio> > i ' . 'Iliirlh. I'v ti.c Author ol "Moilji Jolin llerrlnir. Bvlhe A<<iharO •Porilti. 1) tiie Aiiihor n "'MoL

  • U<-uuiy'H l>:iuKblerM. Bjr tl

" .Mo!"" ;<HWii," kw. •Pnlrb and (?nriUib. Hjr th " MoBy b<«'n," CIO, I.o«ii the Webt. Bj I<i(.itAM«  iniuH;-

  • I<nn.> BrilnkNniere. Uy thi

';»»oiiv BUii,"ct.. CdilhlKoyal. Uy the Authorof'l University Souther Librar Thff worklktan alut be had in Ittnp clotk, priet 2|. U. Xi03SrX)01Ti S3S.IIT H, E L U E K,, &; O M.