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Dictionary of English Literature

logues, Rupert of Hentzau, Tristram of Blent, The King's Mirror, The Intrusions of Peggy, Double Harness, Sophie of Kravonia, The Great Miss Driver, plays, etc.

Hawthorne, Julian (1846).—Novelist, etc. Saxon Studies (1874), Archibald Malmaison (1878), Dust (1882), Fortune's Fool (1883), Fool of Nature (1897), a Life of his f., Nathaniel H., etc.

Hayes, Alfred (1857).—Poet. Death of St. Louis (1885), The Last Crusade and other Poems (1886), The Vale of Arden (1895), etc.

Hazlitt, William Carew (1834).—Critic, etc. The Venetian Republic (1900), ed. Warton's History of English Poetry, Biographical Collections and Notes (8 vols. l876-1904), ed. Letters of Charles Lamb, Memoirs of William Hazlitt, The Lambs (1897), Shakespeare, the Man and his Works, Coins of Europe (1893-97), etc.

Herford, Charles Harold, Litt.D. (1853).—Scholar and critical writer. Studies in the Literary Relations of England and Germany in the Sixteenth Century (1886), The Age of Wordsworth (1897), English Tales in Verse (1902), The Social History of the English Drama (1881); has done much work on Shakespeare, ed. Eversley Shakespeare (10 vols. 1899), and has made translations from Ibsen, etc.

Hewlett, Maurice Henry (1861).—Poet and novelist. Earthwork out of Tuscany (1895), The Masque of Dead Florentines (1895), Songs and Meditations (1897), Pan and the Young Shepherd (1898), The Forest Lovers (1898), Little Novels of Italy (1899), The Queen's Quair (1904), The Stooping Lady (1907), Open Country, Artemision Idylls and Songs (1909), etc.

Hichens, Robert Smythe (1864).—Novelist, etc. The Green Carnation, An Imaginative Man (1895), Tongues of Conscience (1900), Prophet of Berkeley Square (1901), The Call of the Blood (1906), The Garden of Allah, A Spirit in Prison, Barbary Sheep (1909), and various plays, etc.

Higginson, Thomas Wentworth (1823).—American essayist, etc. Outdoor Papers, Malbone (a romance), Army Life in a Black Regiment, Oldport Days, Young Folks' History of the United States, Common Sense about Women, Concerning all of Us, Cheerful Yesterdays (autobiography), Tales of the Enchanted Islands, etc.

Hocking, Rev. Joseph.—Novelist. Zillah (1892), The Birthright (1897), Esau (1904), Chariots of the Lord (1905), A Strong Man's Vow (1907), etc.

Hocking, Rev. Silas Kitto (1850).—Novelist. Ivy (1881), Real Grit (1887), In Spite of Fate (1897), Gripped (1902), A Modern Pharisee (1907), Yours and Mine (1909), etc.

Hodgkin, Thomas, D.C.L., etc. (1831).—Historian. Italy and her Invaders, 8 vols. (1880-1899), Letters of Cassiodorus (1886), Dynasty of Theodosius (1889), Life of Theodoric (I89I), Life of Charles the Great (Foreign Statesmen Series) (1897), etc.