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Sect. 22. No action for penalties shall be commenced but in the name of the Attorney-General, in England and Ireland, and Advocate for Scotland, or some officer of the Stamp Duties.

Sect. 23. Duties to be under the management of the Commissioners of Stamps.

Sect. 24. Duties and discounts to be paid and allowed according to the provisions of former Acts.

Sect. 26, contains the following exceptions:—Acts, &c., printed for Government, School Books, subjects on Devotion, &c., Daily Accounts, Bills of Goods imported and exported, Warrants and Certificates for the delivery of goods, Weekly Bills of Mortality, Lists of Prices Current, State of the Markets, Accounts of the Arrival and Sailing of Merchants' Ships, &c., &c., provided they contain nothing more than the usual matter.

Sect. 27. Reprinted works published in numbers, not chargeable with the Stamp duty, provided that it had been printed two years, and not first published in parts or numbers.