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Abstracted from the Scale of London Prices, recently issued by The London Union of Compositors.

Head Lines in a smaller type than body of work, should be charged 1s. per sheet; and if any justification of figures, an extra allowance for the trouble.

Diamond is paid 10d. per thousand, close or leaded.

Works in the Irish, or German characters, should be paid for as Greek without accents.

Saxon works to be paid the same as Greek without accents.

Appeal Cases are cast up at 8d. per thousand. If with broad quotation side notes, 3s. per sheet is charged; if with double narrow side notes, 5s. per sheet; but where the notes are unusually heavy, they are paid according to their value.


English, 26 ems wide by 47 ems long.

Without side notes, 6s.—With broad quotation side notes, 9s:—With double narrow ditto, 10s.

Pica, 29 ems wide by 53 ems long.

Without side notes,7s.—With broad quotation side notes, 10s.—With double narrow ditto, 11s.

The following Regulations are solely applicable to Parliamentary Work.

All work for either House of Parliament, leaded or otherwise, to be cast up at 6½d. per thousand, from English to Brevier, inclusive; and always to be cast up according to the type in which it is composed.—Tables to be charged 1s. 1d. per thousand.—Works not intended for either House of Parliament, but for the Public Departments, to be paid according to the Scale for Book-work, with all the extras.—Private Parliamentary Bills, 7d. per thousand; table matter, 1s. 2d.—All Reports, Minutes of Evidence, Accounts, Appendices, &c. to be cast up according to the type in which they are composed.—Pages of two or three columns, with one or more headings, or three cols. without headings, to be charged tabular.—Pages, consisting of four or more cols., with one or more headings, or five cols. without headings, to be charged table, or double common matter.—A table, or part of one, in the body of a Report, &c. to be charged the depth of the table, from the head to the conclusion. Same rule to apply to tabular.—Pages with 4 or 5 blank cols. 1s per sheet.—All read-over pages, as in Dr. and Cr. accounts of two pages, where one page only is tabular, or table, the same charge to be made for both pages.—Side notes of broad quotations, not exceeding five lines per page, in quartos and folios, 1s. 6d. per sheet; double narrows, not exceeding five lines per page, 2s. per sheet, throughout any Parliamentary Report, Appendix, &c. excepting when pages, comprising the whole width of the page, including the space for side notes, shall occur; all above to be paid according to value. Double side notes to be paid double the above sum. But Reports, Appendices, Minutes of Evidence, &c. are to be cast up separately, and the extras belonging to them to be charged.