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Northnode-symbol.svg The Dragon's Head, or ascending node, and

Southnode-symbol.svg The Dragon's Tail, or descending node, are the two points in which the eclipses happen.


The Aspects.

Conjunction-symbol.svg Conjunctio; happens when two planets stand under each other in the same sign and degree.

Opposition-symbol.svg Oppositio; happens when two planets stand diametrically opposite each other.

Trine-symbol.svg Trigonus; happens when one planet stands from another four signs, or 120 degrees; which make one-third part of the ecliptic.

Square-symbol.svg Quadril; happens when two planets stand three signs from each other, which make 90 degrees, or the fourth-part of the ecliptic.

Sextile-symbol.svg Sextil; is the sixth part of the ecliptic, which is two signs, and make 60 degrees.

Full moon New Moon

First quarter moon First quarter of the Moon

New moon Full Moon.

Last quarter Moon Last quarter.




℞ Stands for Recipe, or Take
ā aa, of each a like quantity
℔ a pound
℥ an ounce
ʒ a drachm
℈ a scruple
j stands for one; ij for 2; and so on
ß signifies semi, or half
gr. denotes a grain