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We shall now present our readers with brief notices of the different Acts of Parliament which have been passed respecting printers, in order that the profession may know how far the several clauses affect them, with respect to whatever they may hereafter print.

By the Act 13 Geo. II. c. 19, (to restrain and prevent the excessive increase of horse-races, &c.) it is enacted, "That every person or persons who shall make, print, publish, advertise, or proclaim any advertisement or notice of any plate, prize sum of money, or other thing of less value than fifty pounds to be run for by any horse, mare, or gelding, shall forfeit and lose the sum of one hundred pounds."

By the Act 25 Geo. II. cap. 36, (for the better preventing thefts and robberies,) it is enacted, "That any person publicly advertising a reward with 'No questions asked,' for the return of things which have been stolen or lost, or making use of any such words in such public advertisement, &c. shall for every such offence forfeit fifty pounds."

The Act 39 Geo. III. cap. 79, (for the more effectual suppression of societies established for seditious and treasonable purposes,) contains several provisions and penalties respecting printers, letter founders, and printing press makers.

Sect. 23 enacts, "That, from and after the expiration of forty days from the day of passing this Act, every person having any printing press, or types for printing, shall cause a notice thereof, signed in the presence of and attested by one witness, to be delivered to the Clerk of the Peace acting for the county, stewartry, riding, division, city, borough, town, or place, where the same shall be intended to be used, or his deputy, according to the form prescribed in the schedule hereunto annexed: and such Clerk of the Peace,