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Only one of them died in office, and that was the Hon. Robert Grimston in 1883, than whom no warmer supporter of the game ever lived. He closely identified himself in his later years with the I Zingari and Essex clubs; but he will be best remembered for his enthusiasm over the Eton and Harrow matches at Lord's. If you had wished to know what enthusiasm meant, you had only to keep your eye on him on these occasions. For the time being there was only one thing to him worth thinking about, and it was that particular match. He was oblivious to everything outside of it, and would listen to nothing that did not bear upon the past matches of the two schools, or the one going on. And as for cheering, coaching, and encouraging his own school, the majority of us were not to be compared with him. He desired a close, exciting match; but Harrow he would have win, and when it did, there was no happier man on earth.

The M.C.C. has always been fortunate in the gentlemen who have filled the offices of Treasurer and Secretary.

Past Treasurers:

F. Ladbrooke, Esq. R. Kynaston, Esq.
H. Kingscote, Esq. T. Burgoyne, Esq.

Present Treasurer:

The Hon. Sir Spencer Ponsonby Fane, K.C.B.

Past Hon. Secretaries:

1822 to 1841—Mr. B. Aislabie.
1842 to 1857—Mr. Roger Kynaston.
1858 to 1862—Mr. Alfred Baillie.
1863 to 1867—Mr. R. A. Fitzgerald.

On the 1st January, 1868, Mr. Fitzgerald became paid Secretary of the club at a salary of £400 per annum, which office he held until 1876. Mr. H. Perkins was elected in 1877 at tne same salary, and is still in office.