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mities of the styles) terminal. Flowers in pairs along the rachis, forming double lines, which are much crowded together, expanding from below upwards, every where yellow, except the stigma, which is red. Calyx (an inch and a half long) four-parted, woolly on the outside, the woolliness increasing upwards. Anthers subsessile, in the oblong hollow extremities of the calyx, linear-lanceolate. Style longer than the calyx, curved upwards, pubescent, filiform, tumid near the extremity, tipped with the red, subacute, somewhat angled stigma.

This very handsome species produced a fine head of flowers in the greenhouse of the Edinburgh Botanic Garden, in October, 1830, the plant being above five feet high. Graham.

Fig. 1. Pair of Flowers. 2. Three Bracteas from their base. - Magnified.