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sometimes entire, but more usually (altogether so in our specimen) three-lobed, glabrous; the lobes broad, rounded, suddenly acute, or rather acuminated, especially the middle lobe. Petiole as long as the leaf, slender. From the axil of the leaf or petiole, a solitary peduncle appears, about as long as, or longer than, the petiole, in our plant bearing one flower, with an articulation, and two small bracts, not unfrequently two or even three flowers : the upper joint or pedicel slightly incrassated upwards, about three quarters of an inch long. Calyx of five lanceolate, acuminated sepals, slightly hairy at the back, the apices more or less spreading. Corolla with the tube funnel-shaped, white below, rose-purple above; limb spreading, slightly five-lobed, the lobes rounded, with a small point in the sinus, the colour varying from reddish to deep blue-purple. Stamens five, unequal, included. Filaments hairy below. Style filiform, included. Stigma large, capitate, granulated. In fruit, the pedicel is bent at the joint or geniculated, and is much dilated below the persistent calyx.

Fig. 1. Portion of the corolla, with stamens. 2. Pistil:–magnifed.