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Racemes very long, terminal upon the branches, simple, or ramose, many-flowered. Pedicels short, subverticillate, with small deciduous bracteas at the base. Calyx as in the genus, glanduloso-pilose, tinged with purple, having the dorsal scale much enlarged in fruit. Corolla orange-scarlet, glanduloso-pilose, very long, many times longer than the calyx, the tube much curved, slender in the lower half, gradually widening upwards, so as to be funnel-shaped: the mouth inclining downwards: the limb of two lips, the lower lip ovate, acute, entire, deflexed, the upper much shorter, galeate, obtuse, three-lobed, middle lobe emarginate. Stamens and style included. Ovaries glandular, situated on a large conical gland or gynophore.

Fig. 1. Flower :–magnified.