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This page needs to be proofread.


Acad., Academy. A.N.A. , Associate of the National Academy. A.R.A., Associate of the Royal Academy. A.R.H.A., Associate of the Royal Hibernian Academy. A.R.S.A., Associate of the Royal Scottish Academy. C. & C., Crowe and Cavalcaselle. Cat., Catalogue. Ch., Church. Col., Collection. Gal., Gallery. H., Height. ib., ibidem. id., idem. Inst., Institute. L. of Honour, Legion of Honour. Mus., Museum. N.A., National Academy or Academician. Nat. Gal, National Gallery. Pal., Palace, Palais, Palazzo. R, Royal. R.A., Royal Academy or Academician. R.H.A., Royal Hibernian Academy or Academician. R.S.A., Royal Scottish Academy or Academician. S., San, Santa. SS., Santi, Sante. S. M., Santa Maria. St., Saint. W. & W., Woltmann and Woermann. %* Words in italics indicate the alphabetical place of articles on tlte subjects qxctfed. ixxix