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L. Wolfe, T. A. Havemeyer, Aug. Belmont, R. Hoe, J. W. Drexel, E. D. Morgan, and R. L. Cutting, New York; H. C. Gibson, John D. Lankenau, and Mrs. W. P. Wilstach, Philadelphia; H. P. Kidder, Boston; W. T. Walters, J. W. Garrett, Baltimore; J. Longworth, Cincinnati.—Brockhaus, i. 103; Meyer, Künst. Lex., i. 43; Müller, 2; Nord u. Süd, xv. 381; Pecht, iii. 328.

ACHENBACH, OSWALD, born in Düsseldorf, Feb. 2, 1827. Landscape painter, brother and pupil of Andreas, but his conception of nature is more ideal. Visited the Bavarian Alps at an early period, and went to Switzerland and Italy in 1845, 1850, and 1851. His representations of southern scenery and of peculiar atmospheric effects are of rare excellence. Medals: Paris, 3d class, 1859; 2d class, 1861, 1863; L. of Honour, 1803. Works: Park Landscape, Villa Chigi, Entry of a Cardinal into Ariccia (1851); Castel Gandolfo (1853); Nocturnal Funeral in Palestrina, Pilgrims from the Abruzzi (1861); Reapers in the Campagna (1863); Torre del Greco (1868); Street in Torre dell' Annunziata, Olive Harvest at Sorrento, Campo Santo at Naples; Festival in Araceli, Strand of Naples at a Church Festival, Naples and Vesuvius, Evening between Ceprano and Sora (1874); Palace of Queen Joanna, Breslau Museum; Villa Torlonia at Frascati, Market of Amalfi, National Gallery, Berlin; Vesuvius after Storm, Bay of Naples, Inauguration at Castellamare, Castle of Ischia. The following are in the United States: Home of Garibaldi in Caprera, D. W. Powers, Rochester; Naples at Midnight, F. C. Sales, Pawtucket, R. I.; Fish Market, Naples, H. Probasco, Cincinnati; Night at Capri, Judge G. Hoadley, Cincinnati; Storm in Roman Campagna, View near Rome, C. H. Wolff, Philadelphia; Staircase Street, Mrs. W. P. Wilstach, Philadelphia; Ball-Players at Villa Torlonia, Mrs. J. G. Fell, Philadelphia; Street in Naples, Joseph W. Drexel, N. Y.; Coliseum at Rome, Sta. Lucia, Temple of Vesta and St. Peter's, Convent of Vico, John D. Lankenau, Philadelphia; Bay of Naples, Summer Night's Festival at Naples, Wm. Astor, N. Y.—Meyer, Kunst. Lex., i. 46; Brockhaus, i. 104; Muller, 3.

ACHILLES, ancient picture. See Athenion.

Education of Achilles, Regnault, Louvre.

ACHILLES, EDUCATION OF, Jean Regnault, Louvre; canvas, H. 8 ft. 6 in. × 6 ft. 11 in. The young Achilles, nude, about to shoot an arrow, turns his head toward the Centaur Chiron, who, behind him, left, appears to give instruction; in background, a dead lion, and, on the rocks above, a serpent. Salon, 1783. Engraved by Bervic.—Réveil, v. 305; Landon, Musée, i. 23.

ACHTSCHELLINCK (Achtschellinckx), LUCAS, born in Brussels, baptised Jan. 16, 1626, died there, buried May 12, 1699. Landscape painter, Flemish school, pupil of Pieter Van der Borcht; master of Brussels guild in 1657. Was of considerable