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Night Eagle slept all day and night. Upon awakening Burnt Stone accompanied him to the west city gate. There began the road to DAANY BEÉDXE.

—This as far as the path guardians go. From this door forward you go towards eternity. Very few men have come this far and even fewer managed to ascend to the heights of the holy mountain. The journey that you need to go is very short, but dangerous.

At this point, you already know that life and the world have four directions and that the man embodies the center. Five is the magic number of the center, the point where heaven and earth meet; what is known and the unknown. Five flower, symbolizes the gemstone that at the heart. In the meeting and balance of this pair of complementing opposites, lies the true challenge of life. The four directions of the world and life are present in the wisdom of old Toltec grandparents. East means resurrection, its color is red, its symbol is the eagle, and its place is heaven and its world the spirit. West means birth, its color is white, his symbol is the jaguar, its place is earth and its world is matter. South means what is known, its color is blue, its symbol the snake, its place the right side and its world is light. North means war, its black color, its symbol the hummingbird, its place is the left side and its world is death.

In the center of them must be the human being, because only in the center can occur the balance of the world forces, so that men is able to raise his consciousness from the fifth position. If balance is lost, you fall into the depths of stupidity and degradation. The fifth sun humanity has the possibility of the fifth position: up or below. So as you can see, the world consists of a pair of complementing opposites, between east and west; between north and south, seeking balance through the florid battle; that is fought in the center, symbolized by the heart, because that is the meeting