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BEEDXE. As I see, your willpower and your personal strength came together to fulfill our destiny.

Night Eagle's mind passed through dizzying images, almost in a distressing manner, one and another, in search of that mysterious character, that came as if from a deep sleep, he did not have a clear memory; however his body was quiet and comfortable, it seemed that his body remembered him and perfectly associated, the voice with the person.

Night Eagle began to look in the darkness of room for the person that spoke to him. Striving to look he managed to see a body in the dark, a very strange face.

A large volume settled in what appeared to be a feline face and on top, smaller, a bird’s face. Below them, another face, humanoid that highlighted a pair of eyes that seemed to be burning embers, which were surrounded by two snakes, that entangled formed a mask; and from it, two other snakes hanged shaping the mouth; from the upper lip hung two fangs, from the inside out. On the lower lip, was a bifid tongue that almost reached its neck.

The boy stopped his thoughts, and began breathing slowly and deeply; and then he could more clearly see the character speaking to him. He realized that the man had a large mask and that the large volume on top was made from huge and beautiful multicolored feathers. Night Eagle had completely stopped his thoughts; without their prejudice, he began to carefully observe the mask. The feathers glowed and energy went in and out to the atmosphere. The feline face consisted of side view of two snakes, which in addition to a give a feline appearance, humanized the face. The same happened with the bird figure on top. It was neither an eagle nor a quetzal, because it had eyes looking forward and these birds look aside, because their eyes are on the sides. Rather they were two quetzals, facing each other, seen in profile; forming a