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upon finishing both instructions must forget them. The millennial Eagle—Sun rule indicates that if individuals of the group, first can remember themselves, and then can recover as a team; only then can they try the last Florid battle in this world, to reach total freedom, this is why you have reached DAANY BEÉDXE. Tomorrow we will begin your instruction, the Force decided that I should be your teacher, I will try to carry out my task impeccably and with humility."

At dawn Star serpent arrived for his pupil and in the darkness, took him to the northern part of the complex. They climbed the highest pyramid and sat facing east. It was a moonless night full of stars. A light wind blew from the north, which interrupted the night silence. The old man began by saying:

—It is my duty to talk you about the Jaguar Mountain, because it is probably your last nest on earth. Here as you can see, is not a city, or a palace and much less a military fortress. Nor is it a ceremonial center, because here there are no gods; perhaps the eagle-sun, which were a very vague and uncertain way of addressing unmentionable, to the force. There below, in the Valley, live the gods with common men, in their temples and in their homes. Here there are no temples, houses, or common men. Therefore it is not a place, as the home of measure. DAANY BEEDXE is closer to the prodigious, wonderful and mysterious of human existence.

I want to tell you, that in all the land surrounded by great waters, there are other places like this. You already visited some of them at your reception ceremony. The Toltec old grandparents, in the origins of the time, discovered some places on earth, where the force manifests itself in a very special way and in those places built these compounds, which help humans reached total freedom. Slowly the sun light began appearing and the view from the top was stunning. DAANY BEÉDXE is the last station before the immeasurable, so warriors here a step away. For the same reason, the number of people inhabiting the holy mountain is 400, divided into 23 teams of 17 people