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in its interior, a large proportion of energy that is not aligned and that has to do with the immensity of the energy of the outside world and of which the luminous egg cannot be part of it. This part of the energy, is known as the unknown world, so the living beings we have within us a minimum part of ourselves "known" and a huge part of "unknown"; and in the same way, on the outside, we have a known fraction and immeasurable part totally unknown.

To have this minimum chance, the total freedom warriors must learn to change the place where the internal and the external energies meet. When the energy field, called man, can successfully change the assembly of internal and external energies at a different point of his luminous energy egg, will forcibly have a different perception, that the men of the Valley would call another vision of the world; another, because in fact, they would be witnessing another reality of our own world, that we always ignore or do not perceive, but that is there.

If human beings are only thought of as matter, their vision and of their world will be very limited and narrow. Now, if the human being perceives himself as an energy field within infinite energy fields; then the possibilities multiply infinitely. The life mystery begins, accepting and internalizing that the universe and ourselves, are composed of energy. That simple! And yet how very difficult to accept. This is why; the old Toltec grandparents said to us, that the "knowledge or Toltecáyotl" cannot be transformed into words. Knowledge is in deeds, or rather, the energy that engenders it.

When the flourished death warrior, through his florid battles, manages to move the assembly point of internal and external energies, he then perceives another reality. He then discovers that we are surrounded by a universe of completely unexplained forces and amazing phenomena; that partly seduce and fascinate us, but that at the same time, frighten and destroy us. Consequently, the