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At the age of five, Night Eagle was a distinguished child, despite the love excess from his parents and relatives; the boy seemed to understand his relationship with the world. He had a pleasant, rather tender and imaginative character. Night Eagle was slim, strong and agile. His hair was straight and thin; large dark brown eyes and his permanent smile, made him well received everywhere. When there was a party or a civil, religious, or family ceremony; all children would gather to play, with the patient tolerance of the community, because one of the old grandparent’s inheritances was the treatment given to children by the community, where they never interfered and were always welcome.

Night Eagle had special preference for one of his cousins of the same age, named Dawn deer, both spent most of the time together, they had reached such communication ability; they could communicate by glancing at each other.

Dawn deer was slightly bigger and stronger, he was impulsive and for this reason, liked the company of his cousin, who indirectly contained and focused him. As the right and left hand; Dawn deer was enthusiastic, strong and passionate. Night Eagle on the other hand was thoughtful, prudent and sweet.

The two explored the wonderful world which consisted of the grandparents, uncles, cousins and friends from the neighborhood.

At the age of six Night Eagle, already helped his parents in household chores; playing he learned to make clay figures and in the afternoon when his parents worked the ceramic, he gradually learned the language of the mud. He liked going to his the grandparents to listen to stories told by his grandfather. These were wonderful stories that described the forest mysteries, magical animals and wise plants.

On certain occasion, some strange people arrived in town. The commotion of these people arrival shook all the people, they