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is why he is not involved and does not choose his battles. The warrior does not try to modify or dominate the world; a warrior simply uses it, for his internal Florid Battle; he uses it to fight for that tiny opportunity given to him by the Eagle. The world around us is mysterious, wonderful, and at the same time frightening, therefore extremely dangerous. If you had reached the sea, you would have never been able to return. Remember that you are only a tiny energy charge, with a little bit of conscience; surrounded by an immense world, constituted by completely unknown energy fields."

Night Eagle had already been for three solar cycles living together with his Teacher in DAANY BEÉDXE. Not only his physique had changed, since now he was extremely strong and muscular, but he maintained his agility and characteristic flexibility. His face depicted tranquility and harmony. His state of mind was constantly balanced and cheerful. His face was almost marked a by smile that came out at the slightest provocation, never was in a hurry and was much less irritable. It seemed that though his eyes had already passed all the things of life; which allowed him to be truly humble and simple.

The most important changes of the warrior apprentice took place internally. Night Eagle knew what was waiting for him in life and also knew what he was waiting for; he did not want anything absolutely from life and the world. The greatest achievement of a warrior is that even though he has so much knowledge, product of a disciplined life consecrated to the temperance of his willpower; the warrior of the florid battles acquires power, and that same power, leads him to not wishing anything mundane or from life. His war is devoted to fight every florid battle, to achieve that very small opportunity given by "The Force" to humans, the wonderful gift given by the eagle.

DAANY BEÉDXE was a very special place; that the wise Toltec grandparents had built at the beginning of time, so that it perpetuated the consciousness of human beings in the world. The Jaguar Mountain was the ideal place where the warrior strengthened his body and