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buildings facing the square, at the north and south corners, their accesses faced each other. At the left side, on the west wall of the building, was a passage into the depths, beyond the foundations, at the very heart of the mountain and was shaped as a cross.

—We are reaching the end of the first part of your instruction in DAANY BEÉDXE, young puppy. This building was built by the old Toltec grandparents so that the warriors could work in the reverie art.

In the beginning of the old grandparents’ knowledge, when they barely had discovered that the human being was a cocoon, which contained a little bit of the energy with which the world is constituted. They realized that the world perception was due to the assembly point where internal and external energy. However they also noticed that this assembly point slightly moved when humans were asleep. So while dreaming, humans can glimpse and witness briefly other perceptions of their luminosity, which their thought interprets as other realities.

The old Toltec grandparents realized that as dream control was achieved, there would be some control over the energy assembly point. That's why they invented the art of directing dreams and having control over them; and so they built this powerful building.

The first thing you have to do is to spend a complete day in each room until you find your course and color. In one of rooms, you will feel better, your energy will flow and you'll know which one is it.

Then you shall enter the passage shaped as a cross and you shall symbolic bury yourself for four days until earth heals you, I will help you and watch over you.