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—The valley people, since they generally do not have an abstract purpose in life, are dangerous for the warrior, because they spend their time, on the one hand clinging to their ideas and material objects that are the passion of their weaknesses; and on the other hand, impaled by the good and bad deeds of their peers. This often leads them to struggle with these bunches of ideas, which they call "the world" and offended by people, who do not act and think, as they think they should. Life abstract purpose par excellence is the florid battle; abstract ideas are in the spirit, as flowers and songs. The ideas of our "personal importance", is what prevents us from perceiving the luminous opportunity given by the eagle in front of the immeasurable. The problem of human beings is that they somehow they intuitively sense their hidden resources, but they do not dare exploring them and their existential tragedy, come from their stupidity and ignorance; the truly dark human being side, is their stupidity and why the warrior should avoided them, especially when he is working on DAANY BEÉDXE.

Are there any other times when the warrior can get close? —the student asked. Indeed and I can say, that there comes a time in the florid battle, that the Warrior has, to put it in some way, flourish among them, recovering himself; but it is not yet the time nor the place to discuss this, what we have to do now is wait.

On another occasion Night Eagle asked his teacher if there were warrior women in DAANY BEÉDXE.

—Of course that there are, and I can tell, they have more natural possibilities than the male. Women are "creative" in nature and tend to live in the abstract intuitively.

From ancient times the old Toltec grandparents taught us that men and women are an opposite and complementing pair, that