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"Sit down, I want to tell you some things. As you know, DAANY BEEDXE as in other power places, is a huge and millenary "don’t do" place of the old Toltec grandparents, which allow flourished death warriors, prepare for the last florid battle. The sacred mountain is the departure place for the immeasurable and miracle of human existence. The stones of these buildings have seen get prepared and leaving, many intrepid travelers in the eternity pursuit. These stones know much and therefore are power stones that perceive and feel. We as common beings are nothing before them, perhaps only a fleeting instant, in their wonderful and amazing existence, because they are not just any stone, from anywhere. When the stones are charged with a lot of energy over several bundles of solar cycles, it is necessary to cover them with new stones, to dissipate the energy charges absorbed, otherwise, instead of helping the warrior could harm him. For that reason, periodically the buildings are covered, but without altering the architectural lay out, since each building has two specific objectives.

The first is that in each building, the warrior learns and tunes, one of the techniques, that the Toltec grandparents left us to fight for the opportunity, offered to us by the Eagle, to transcend this reality. Secondly, every building is the specific power site of each of the seventeen warriors who form the team that will deliver the last power battle, of the florid battle. Thus, the seventeen buildings are important; equal number of warrior guides and techniques to open the gates of silent knowledge.

And the second thing I want to talk to you about, is precisely the silent knowledge. That is the source of human knowledge.

Every human being in himself has a seed, which comes from the more remote origin of times. The seed contains all the memories, all the information that the human being, as species has throughout its existence on this planet. And just as the desert flower seed, which can go for many years in a latent state, waiting for the promised rain, and upon the first downpour, immediately flourishes. In the same way, this seed