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internally. His flight was silent, climbed to the highest, to become a little dark point, in the midst of the sky blue burst. He flew down as a plummeting arrow and nearly touched the buildings corners. Sometimes he stood motionless in the air, for hours, enjoying the wonderful spectacle from the heights, especially when the Sun was in the horizon edges and sun rays arrived perpendicularly clashing against the mountains at the eastern side their light on DAANY BEÉDXE, which produced a sense of indescribable luminosity, because the mountain was bathed by the light of the sun rays from two flanks, creating an atmosphere of purity, under an intense blue sky, that gradually turned into a bright yellow and then orange, finally sinking into the darkness of night.

The evening of one day, which had been raining all day, Night Eagle felt the need to walk among the plaza buildings. The grass was wet and the buildings seemed saturated with water; even the colors that decorated the walls drawings, seemed to have changed their color tones.

On some special occasions DAANY BEÉDXE was lit with torches through the night, by the mountain guardians; but usually the place was dark after the sun departed. On that occasion the evening was very short and darkness began taking over the place. Night Eagle walked around the vast plaza. The entire valley was invaded by a low cloud stratum. The cloud shades varied from dark grey, to bluish white. In small groups they roamed the Valley, sometimes clashing with the sacred mountain, others, slightly above the buildings. However, as it became darker, the clouds were piling up around the mountain. The young warrior sought shelter at his place in the south pyramid, he had not reached the foot of the stairs, when a heavy dark cloud bank, rapidly crossed the plaza from north to south and blinded him. The clouds seemed to have their own life and agreement with the buildings. Night Eagle had a very strange feeling. He felt