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detached from the north-south range and pointed towards the west. There was a river meandering at the bottom of the ravine and immediately there was another mountain range, also in north-south direction. From the top of one of the peaks in the range, was a very narrow swing bridge, at times only allowed the passage of one man. This swing was a bridge between the mountain range and the mountain, shaped as a pyramid.

—That is our destination —said the Teacher. As you can see, this mountain was worked by the old Toltec grandparents and it is the takeoff point to the immeasurable. Our ancestors called it the Ashes Hill, because it is there the warriors are consumed by their inner fire and depart into the unknown in search of their destiny. Let’s hurry our walk, to get there before dark.

That night the travelers arrived at the gates of the swing bridge, passage to the mysterious place.

Before dawn the Teacher and his student, went to the top of a hill in the range to receive the Sun and charge their energy. When they reached the right place they sat on a huge outcrop rock towards the precipice, pointing to the east.

—This is a very special place; it is a place of power, which has been used for hundreds of bundles of years by warriors seeking freedom, is like the prelude to the truth. The warriors need to charge their energy to meet the test that is in this door. If you fail, you shall die; if you pass, I am not sure what will happen, it depends on the "The force" intentions and your destiny. It is possible we will never again see each other, whether you die or because our paths never cross again, but in the end it is irrelevant; what is important is that you're impeccable in your challenge. Within a few hours, you will have to put into practice all you have learned in the sacred Jaguar Mountain; you will have to be flawless. All the years of strict discipline and sustained attempt; all the sacrifices and efforts you have made, will serve to overcome this challenge.