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If returning to the human beings world is in your destiny after this test, you must recover your knowledge, to again reach DAANY BEÉDXE. You will need to remember that needing is the origin of weakness and misery. The warrior permanently learns to reduce his needs to nothing, is responsible, disciplined, stays alert and is humble with his destiny.

Fire snake fell silent a moment. The night had completely overtaken the sky sphere. The enormity of those mountains and the majestic sky furthered the smallness of the human existence.

—This mountain has been worked by the old Toltec grandparents, —the teacher continued talking—. so that flourished death warriors initiate their journey without return. Here is the place in which the warrior, after an impeccable lifetime and devotion, has managed to learn our ancestors practices, so that on their own move the assembly point of their luminous cocoon, and thus attest to other worlds that are only perceived when the assembly point is shifted, to places where the internal energy has before has mixed and fired with the external.

This time you will have to use the “intent”, on your own. You'll have to jump off the cliff, and when you're in the air, you will attempt moving the assembly point. If you succeed, you can be in two places at the same time, in other words, you'll have the perception of being up here and down below at the same time, it will have to make it 17 times in a row and if you are successful, you will survive, but you will show up in some remote part of this world.

Wherever you appear, you will absolutely remember nothing of what has happened thus far, all your memories will be erased from your mind and you'll have to remember everything. It may take you a lifetime and you may not achieve it, so you will lose the ability to receive the small opportunity provided by the eagle, to transcend the self, and will die