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joints. His skin, veins, and tendons kept him bewitched. He could not believe the prodigy of being alive and having a body.

He continued with his legs, chest and abdomen. With his eyes caressed, with his hands he felt; both the smoothness of the skin, as its warmth and elasticity. The aurora was breaking in the horizon; to the east, began emerging the majestic Lord of fire darts.

Night Eagle realized he was at the foot of a building. Clarity allowed him to see the walls of a stone arc, which was just above him. His attention was called by the fact that the stones were perfectly polished and assembled. Rarely this work was seen, generally speaking, buildings were covered with a layer of stucco; profuse and beautifully decorated, with secret knowledge themes of the old Toltec grandparents. While he was concentrated in the stone work, the arch was suddenly illuminated.

He immediately raised his sight and saw, a light beam, detached from the horizon, embedded itself in the flat surface of something resembling an inverted bench at the top of the arch. By some unknown effect, light gained more power and only illuminated the area covered by the huge stone arch.

Night Eagle felt that light literally penetrating him, igniting his body as a shining torch. His body first experienced a temperature increase, and then a sense of energy and fullness went through his body. He felt a pressure in the chest, which faded away as he was flooded by the certainty that death was left behind, in the vast and uninhabited cliff, in the Sierra Norte, where he had jumped into emptiness.

He slowly incorporated and observed the place. The Stone Arch had the height of four human bodies and consisted of two rectangular structures, which at a body high; the stone began