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mixed feelings. He felt a great nostalgia for something undetermined; and at the same time, a deep anguish for not knowing anything about his past. He was caught by a strange feeling, he felt as if he was about to remember everything. He had very definite feelings, that almost told him all the truth of his life, but everything remained on the verge of revelation, because his mind was still blank and his heart about to explode.

The next morning, the old man he first met came to his room and told him that he would have to go to the top of the pyramid, that the Venerable Teacher of the place was there waiting for him.

On this occasion he climbed on the eastern side of the pyramid, the stairs were wider and crawled to ascend. The Lord of fire darts was not out yet, but there was enough clarity. Upon reaching the top, he found two entries, a guide told him to enter through the right entrance. When he crossed the threshold he saw an old man, sitting on a stone resembling a human being lying on a rectangular stone block. His feet soles rested on the floor, his knees were high, his hips, abdomen, and part of his back was supported on the stone surface and his chest and head were erect, only supported on his elbows and his hands faded in the abdomen.

Something in the room, made Night Eagle heart pound faster. He did not know why, but he felt a deep emotion, something there or perhaps everything transmitted a feeling of inner strength, of self-control, of fullness, but at the same time, the memory source was not clear.

Night Eagle stared at the eyes of the old man. His face conveyed a great peace and harmony. Without realizing he sank in the depth of the Venerable Teacher gaze. He felt his body almost remembered and his mind was still blank.

Suddenly the old man turned to the boy and said: