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where he was standing began to detach. He felt his heart jump out through his mouth. He clung with despair, but the stones crumbled in his hands, slowly began sliding until half of his body was hanging.

Night Eagle felt his strength exhausted. When he felt it was the end, he let go, but fell on top of a large pyramid, just in front of the steep stairways, the highest he had ever seen in his life. For an instant he was balanced, but then he went forward, so he had to take a leap and land steps down, then another jump and another step, until he began to feel the fall vertigo, but now on a fast way down the steep stairs, that seemed endless. Jump after jump he gained speed and felt he would crash upon reaching the ground. Distress of the speed and the fall, ran through his body as adrenaline sprays.

He felt inevitably lost when something extraordinary happened. Suddenly he began to feel warmth, which developed below his navel gradually spreading throughout his body. The fast fall began to diminish, until he was immobile. The energy coming out from inside his body, was accompanied by a musical note in a grave tone, which as the flapping of a beetle, was increasing.

Night Eagle felt the plenitude and strength of his body, who sang with the musical note or the energy. A need from the deepest and oldest of his self, came out like a volcano erupting. With the support of a telluric force, Night Eagle was literally shot into the sky. From his body long flames of fire detached and when he reached above the clouds, exploded into a thousand pieces, with an immense joy, he fell in a star shower.

Night Eagle desperately opened his eyes and noticed he was standing below the left arch of that building. It was perhaps dawn, when he decided to embark on the return journey.