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Night Eagle laid on the stone, closed his eyes, put his mind blank and fell asleep.

Five days went by. When he opened his eyes, he felt a deep inner peace. Everything was distant and indifferent. He stretched as a jaguar and all his bones cracked, he could see in the darkness and found the way out. The Grotto was deserted and when he came to the surface, light hurt his eyes.

A splendid blue covered the sky, completely clean and transparent, it was noon; the fury of nature had disrupted everything around. The weather was hot and humidity was stifling.

Shortly the old man arrived and said to him directly, without asking questions, go to the village to help rebuild and that when you are done, say good bye to them forever and that he would wait for him at the cenote entrance. That he should not worry, that he would know when it was the right time.

Night Eagle walked towards his adopted village, with a firm step and a quiet heart.

Three months passed and Night Eagle returned one afternoon to the entrance of the sacred cenote. The day had been overcast and the temperature was rather fresh.

The conviction flame was lit his chest; of not knowing his past, something happened that night in the cave of the sacred Cenote, and Night Eagle, understood that he could not live trying to deny the profound anguish he felt, by not knowing his past. He did not have anything else in this world, than the need to know who he was and where he came from?, without knowing this, everything else had no sense. Then a sacred chant mysteriously came to his mind:

"But I say:
only briefly,
only as a corn flower,