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these places, but that she would like to talk with him. A strange force dragged the warrior before the eyes of the girl, he had never before felt attracted to a woman, and something in her stare developed an overwhelming feeling.

They walked up a small stone house, which was near a small cenote. After a few hours of conversation, Night Eagle knew that the girl was called Rain flower and was imprisoned there by an enchantment. For his part, Night Eagle told her what he knew of his life and the anguish that he lived for not knowing his past.

It was already night when, under a star studded sky, the couple could not contain the passion that consumed them. Night Eagle for the first time in his life, knew the intensity of love. Tenderly and with sweetly was introduced in the magical rites of love. Throughout his body, the warrior discovered a complete and virginal universe for his senses. With own dynamism, his body took command and almost separated from its self, perfectly integrating with Rain flower. Night Eagle felt as the millions of beings that formed it, had entered into an absolute shock. A force coming from the depths of his being, from its marine millennial origin, felt the wonderful and vital ability to perpetuate in this world, mocking death and clinging on to the future.

His body was quivering delusional and through it ran a hot fire stream seeking fulfillment. As a volcano erupting, Night Eagle felt sharply, how the fire of life get came out of his bones, from his flesh and his blood, and among passion rales, Night Eagle surrendered in the depths of Rain flower. For an instant, in a divine spark; their bodies merged into one. For a moment they were joined by the immeasurable mystery of life.

When everything was at rest, they embraced and emotionally cried. The excitement was so great, that it did not fit in their breasts and overflowed through their eyes. They cried of happiness and