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Eagle was on the verge of collapse; his body burned in high temperature and was shaking from fatigue.

At the top of the pyramid, was a large room, which had two compartments. At the entrance two immense snakes were sculpted, shaped as central columns.

Their heads rested on the floor with open jaws, the column bodies rose up and the feathered tail was bent above the head of the sacred animal, as if directing as offering, its feathers to the sky.

At the sides of the door of the building and in front of two guardian snakes, was the sculpture of a Chac-Mool, a man lying on the ground in a reclining position with folded legs and his heels up against his buttocks. His waist rose and with his chest lifted, supported his elbows on the floor and his hands on his belly. The head of the sculpture turned ninety degrees to his left. His eyes had a penetrating stare, almost human, glancing with a serene and impassive expression that exuded sobriety and temperance.

Night Eagle felt as if in that instant, his strength had disappeared. He began to hear a rhythmic snake rattle. A high-pitched buzzing sound penetrated all over his body, making it vibrate at a very high frequency. The pale moon light was quickly disappearing. An intense darkness began covering the complex. When darkness was complete, the buss suddenly projected onto the sculpture and dim energy flashes began sprouting from it.

The warrior made a great effort not to faint. The buzz became more acute and around the sculpture began spinning electrical charges, which became iridescent lights.

The spectacle was impressive, in the complete darkness, the Chac-Mool sculpture shone with intense color lights, which spun at high speed around the monolith. Night Eagle was