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The human being cannot be totally spiritual, nor wholly material; nor he can be entirely rational, or totally intuitive. The right balance of these two pairs complementing and opposite, is the art of living, the florid battle of the Jaguar warriors, of the Eagle warriors. When balance of these four forces that govern the micro universe is achieved, the warrior manages to place his energy on the fifth point, in the center.

When this happens, the warrior comes in contact with the forces that govern the macro universe through his fifth point found in the middle of his body. The warrior energy rises to higher planes; when the four directions of the micro-universe unbalance and energy are charged in one of them, then he falls into the depths of denial and stupidity. The time has come to open your energy body.

The nine remaining warriors began to sing a monotonous chant, which followed a very well defined tonal scale and producing an ample state of sensory perception.

The four warriors strongly pulled towards the four cardinal directions. Night Eagle felt that he was going to break. But strangely the most intense pain came from his belly. Suddenly the oldest warrior raised his left hand and it started to glow. Night Eagle stared at the hand, which suddenly became a quartz flint which emitted light, and with astonishment, saw it rushed towards his body.

The impact on his belly was heard as a thunder and the hand of the old man entered the body of Night Eagle. Suddenly, from his belly a light beam began to go out with great pressure, as a rain bow, but with very intense and colorful lights. Night Eagle did not feel pain, on the contrary, felt a sense of well-being and harmony, the stream of light was spreading throughout his body, in eccentric circles, like waves in a water pond.