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flexed on their knees; they walked lightly and fast, through the zigzag paths. The warrior learned very soon to maintain the correct breathing and stop thinking, to melt into the team spirit. The old grandparents had taught them all the techniques to achieve their difficult brotherhood mission. Among them was the road singing; a number of power songs, which made that the carriers integrate more as a team. Very old songs were chanted with great joy and passion. These songs were used when the tiredness or road dangerousness of the journey, required energy to rebuild or spirit strengthening. These formidable chants were heard on the roads as the voice of a single organism, vigorous and loud; scaring away the enemy, whether they were human beings, animals or malignant spirits.

The warrior also soon learned that the team safety lied in the efficiency in which each of the members fulfilled their individual role. The team only worked, if each of the members ceded a part of their individuality and integrated to the entire team; by strictly obeying the chief, the head. To do this, it required over time, to develop an absolute trust between them and all of them with the head.

The day’s journeys were from sunrise to sunset. They started before sunrise, with worship to the Lord and Lady of the roads, forests and animals. They asked for free passage without being damaged and without hurting anyone. Then they burned copal and buried a small offering on the ground. Another ceremony was performed in the evening, where they were thankful for the good uneventful day.

The team only rested a little after midday meals. The days were intense. One of pointer or snake tongue functions was to get ahead of the group at noon and afternoon, to select the most suitable place to eat and sleep.

One day, Night Eagle, was doing his night guard, wrapped in his cotton blanket and walking around the campfire. He watched how the animals and nocturnal entities eyes